Monday, October 4, 2010

September - Fall in Mongolia

 It is fall in Mongolia.  In fact, it has snowed in Ulaanbaatar a few times already.  A couple of weeks ago a group of our English students (Dr. Bayankhuu, wife, daughter, and nurse) took us hiking up the tallest mountain around Ulaanbaatar. 

There were quite a few trees that had yellow leaves.

Naaraa had made khoshuurs--a traditional Mongolian food--for us to share.  We also had cucumbers and tomatoes.  We shared our tuna fish sandwiches (on home-made bread) with them and they seemed to like them.
 These blue silk scarves are everywhere in Mongolia--they signify good wishes to the traveler.
 We had some missionaries over to dinner and one of them was an artist.  When we asked to see some of his pictures, he drew some.  Can you recognize these?

 A sunny day at Sukhbaatar Square, the Mongolian government building, and the Mongolian flag flying.

Our translator's little girl, Saikhanaa made us all paper crowns one day.  She occasionally comes to work with her Mom and is fun to have around.  She is in kindergarten.

We have probably done most of our travel in Mongolia and are now concentrating on teaching English.  We have four classes at the Health Science University: Dental students, Pharmacology Students, Public Health Students, and Medical Technology students.  Their ability with English varies a lot.  We have to teach from their textbooks--and each is different, so it requires more preparation time than just teaching conversation.  The students are fun and seem to enjoy our classes.  

We got four new American Elders--the first to come in over a year.  The saying, "There is nothing so constant as change," can surely be applied to Mongolia.  Things are always changing here.  We are learning flexibility and patience.  The people are very special and working with them always makes it rewarding.