Friday, November 5, 2010

It's Fall in Ulaanbaatar

Clair has to come to Mongolia to get over his fear of penguins.  This one didn't bite.

Watching general conference with a room full of missionaries was almost like watching it at home.  It was great, as usual.  There were quite a few talks about having Faith and about having gratitude.  We have many things to be thankful for.

Fall colors by the church.
There is a lot of variety of transportation in Ulaanbaatar.  This cart went by us while we were visiting teaching in the ger district.
Near our home we have to weave our way through traffic to cross the street.  Traffic often goes very fast and the pedestrian better beware.  Sometimes they honk to let you know they are not going to stop.

Sometimes it is faster to walk!

Clair getting ready to go jogging on a smoky day.  One of my Mongolian friends told me that they call Ulaanbaatar “Utaanbaatar” (Utaan means “smokey”) because of all the smoke from the coal fires in the gers in the winter.  
A fun Relief Society activity.  Learning to use vegetables.  These sisters have become dear friends.  They are very special people.
At a pop music concert with our friends and English students (Nara and Bayankhuu).  We have enjoyed teaching them and having them for friends.  Their daughter was singing in the concert.
A traditional Mongolian number at the beginning of the pop concert.  I have grown to like Mongolian traditional music.  They have instruments that are very different than we have in an orchestra, but they produce beautiful music.
Visiting teaching at the home of Tsetsegmaa and Voloj and their 100 year old mother.  I visited this family when they lived in a ger.  Now they have an apartment with hot water heat and running water and several rooms.   Nine members of their family live together.

We even had trick-or-treaters!  These very special young adults have warmed our hearts.

October has quickly passed by.  We are quite busy with English lessons now.  We enjoy the students.  We also continue to enjoy our missionaries.  Mongolia is a great place to be!  The gospel is continuing to go forth.  We are thankful to be part of this mission. 
 (but we sure miss home at times!)